‘Goro Boys’ must have no space in the process of the Smart Licence

THE Smart Drivers’ Licence was finally launched on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 by the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authority (DVLA), the same day that the state agency began issuing smart licences across the country.


WELL, Today wants to use this medium to commend the DVLA for the initiative, especially as it will remove the many human interfaces in the issuing of new licences in this country.  It is an established fact that the various DVLA centres including its offices at 37, Accra, have become where middlemen known in our local parlance as ‘Goro Boys’ engage prospective licence applicants with the aim of charging them exorbitant fees to do licences for them.


AND sadly, there have been several instances where these ‘Goro Boys’ have swindled licence applicants by giving them fake licence. This has come with additional cost to applicants who would have to re-apply for an authentic licence.


IT is therefore, welcoming piece of news that the ‘Goro Boys’ will have nothing to do with the smart licence process.  That also means that applicants would have no option but to go to DVLA offices to apply for either a new licence or renewal.


IN fact, these ‘Goro Boys’ have become a nuisance at the various DVLA offices with some creating the impression that they are staff of the state agency.  We are also happy to know that the smart licence makes use of the newest technology for the purpose of securing and protecting one’s ID.


ANOTHER very significant thing about this new licence is the fact that applicants are now going to be relieved of the long months of waiting for a licence to be issued.  We have been told that applicants will now be able to obtain it within two to four weeks of application.


WHILE commending DVLA for the initiative, we urge them to guard against ‘Goro Boys’ exploiting the new system.  We would not want to see the comeback of ‘Goro Boys’ at the various DVLA offices playing all sorts of exploitative roles.


THAT would have seen all our efforts in vain!

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