GN companies to float shares – Nduom

President and Chairman of Groupe Nduom, (GN), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, has disclosed that GN companies will soon float shares to give the general public an opportunity to be part of the GN conglomerate.

Speaking at the commissioning of the new offices for Groupe Nduom, the celebrated Ghanaian entrepreneur stated that 30% of GN companies would soon float shares which will enable them to join the stock exchange market.

The move, he believes, will create a platform for the public to have a feel of the benefits that comes with being part of the GN group of companies.

“We will offer shares in two of our companies, the GN Printing and Digicut Production and Advertising to the public. And this year, the plan is to put six more of our companies on the stock exchange. Eventually 30 per cent of all Groupe Nduom companies will be offered to the public so that what we have work to create, others can share in whatever benefits that come,” he said.

Dr Nduom further urged the public to save parts of their income so that when the time comes for the flotation of shares, they will be able to purchase some and enjoy the benefits that comes with being a shareholder.

“So those of you who have put some pesewas here and there, keep them there and when you see a Groupe Nduom company on offer, buy a share so that the benefit will be great,” he stressed.

The newly built offices include banking hall for the Ridge branch of GN Bank, offices for Gold Coast Securities, BTA and Amasan Television stations.

Dr Nduom expressed gratitude to God for giving him the strength to go through those difficult moments as well the resources to rebuild the offices that were destroyed by the fire.


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