Family demands posthumous marriage for Hausa Muslim girl impregnated by Igbo man

The Uzodinma family in Okpunoegbu village, Umudim Nnewi, Anambra state are reportedly gripped with fear over the long-standing controversy that has trailed the death of a Hausa (Muslim) girl- friend to their son, Simon Obinna Uzodinma.

It was gathered that the 32-year-old Simon allegedly impregnated the girl- friend named Zainab sometimes in 2010 but lost her life during child delivery, a development that prompted her family to request for a post-humous marriage between the deceased and her lover boy, Simon Obinna Uzodinma.

The resolve for a post humous marriage was the last resort by the girl’s family as the lover boy took to his heels to an unknown destination when it became obvious that his life was in danger because of the pregnancy and subsequent death of the girl during delivery of her baby.

According to Peter Uzodinma, younger brother of the embattled Simon, his brother befriended Zainab, a Muslim girl, when he was doing business in Minna, Niger state. And since the incident, the family have been trailing him: “Unfortunately the girl became pregnant and died during (child) delivery and since then the parents of the girl were trailing him to kill him in retaliation and my brother, a christian, left Minna and his where – about unknown since 2010 when the incident happened.”

“The other time the Zainab parents with their relations came to Nnewi thinking he has returned but they left when it dawned on them that he was nowhere to be seen and just few days ago they came back insisting that there must be post humous marriage as the only way to solve the case as Simon Obinna Uzodinma is nowhere to be found as they threaten to kill him when seen”.


Source: Newsnow

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