Fake AIDS drugs flood market!

The DDOBYUL 3.0 drug

The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) has cautioned consumers, especially persons living with HIV/AIDS, to be mindful of ‘DDOBYUL 3.0,’ a food supplement which is being deceptively sold as an HIV/AIDS medicine.

The product, which was registered with the Food and Drugs Board (FDB) in 2010 as a food supplement, has now turned into a drug for the prevention of Human Immune Virus (HIV).

Against this backdrop, the FDB has immediately revoked the marketing authorization of the manufacturer, Unhwa Biotic Corporation, a South Korean-based company which produces DDOBYUL 3.0.

The local distributor of the company, International Youth Fellowship Mission, based in Tema Community (12), has also been restrained by the FDB from selling such products to unsuspecting Ghanaians.

Meanwhile, the board in its efforts to crack- down on the sale of these fake HIV drugs completely, has with the help of the police arrested four officials of the company who were selling the drugs.

The four, included two Ghanaians by name Facts Akortia Tettey-Enyo and Ato Edwin.

The rest, who were South Koreans, were in the person’s of Hwang Tae Sung and Kyung Won Cho.

The Head of Drugs and Post Market Surveillance Unit of the Food and Drugs Board (FDB), Mr. Thomas Amedzro, in an interview with this reporter, mentioned that the move by the four culprits, contravened section 23 of the FDB law which required them to seek permission from the board before embarking on the sale of the medicine on the Ghanaian market.

He urged the general public especially persons living with HIV to refrain from buying the drugs since its efficacy for the prevention of HIV could not be ascertained by the board.

Mr. Amedzro also encouraged the general public to report to any agency of the board or to nearest police station if they found the said drugs on the market for immediate action to be taken.

He assured of FDB’s commitment to ensure that the safety of consumers is always protected by fighting against unscrupulous people who perpetrate these illegal acts.


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