Should Christians be made swear using deities?

The general perception that God does not deliver instant justice, has resulted in some school of thoughts, vehemently advocating for the use of deities in the act of swearing in substitution of the Bible in our law courts as well as when occupying government positions. 

The surge for this directive, has been directly linked to the “so much thievery and corruption” on the part of some politicians in this country and in Africa who hide under the shadows of the Bible to steal state money.

Upon the appointment to occupy a government position, some politicians who are Christians are made to take an oath using the Bible to uphold honesty and be ‘miles away’ from looting state coffers.

From time immemorial, Christians have been made to believe that there is so much potency in the Bible.

In response to that assertion, some school of thoughts do not concur with the above assertion and vehemently stand on the position that Christians are fully aware of the lack of potency in the Bible hence, their continuous stealing of state resources.

It is in view of this, which they are calling and championing the course for the use of traditional gods in the act of oath taking instead of the Bible in order to bring some sanity among law-makers.

Ex-President, Jerry John Rawlings, a strong advocate for the use of lesser gods in swearing, recently made a public comment strongly championing for the use of traditional gods for swearing of oath by politicians who claim to belong to Christianity.

According to him, “corrupt” political officials in this country are fully aware that there is no power in the Bible hence, their continues corrupt practices.

The former First Gentle Man of the land further added that politicians are mostly scared of the lesser gods as compared to the Almighty God himself.

“We all know that when you accept to swear before a deity, you better speak the truth because the end repercussion is death. But with the Bible, so called Christian politicians are fully aware that there will not be any instant justice in that regard”, he said.

The aftermath of his public statement has resulted in generating some sort of controversy among Christians and non-Christians.

However, it is evident that people continue to swear using the Bible in Government but continue to wallow in the act of stealing public purse at expense of the ordinary and vulnerable Ghanaian.

Corrupt politicians go ahead to swear using the Holy Bible but yet still, embezzlement of state funds intensifies every now and then not only in Ghana but, in Africa as a whole.

This development has become a worrisome issue to some people of interest.

Notable of such personalities is veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie of Nigeria (West Africa).

The veteran actor seems to buttress the call in using traditional gods in replacement of the Bible for swearing of oath when he paid a courtesy call on the former President Jerry John Rawlings some months ago.

In his speech, Mr. Edochie also made the same statements that state officials should be made to swear through lesser gods rather than the Bible.

According to him, God forgives so easily therefore these state officials do not take the oath seriously whenever they hold the Bible to swear.

“Smaller gods are not merciful like the Almighty God who created both Heaven and the Earth so that will put fear in corrupt leaders”, he asserted.

He added in his submission that gods give instant justice to persons who break their oath, and that will deter politicians from ‘chopping’ state cash.

Notwithstanding the use of Bible for swearing, corruption still prevails and makes headways in our society, says these prominent personalities hence, advocating for the introduction of lesser gods in the act of swearing of oath.

However, these personalities have made their own observations, comments, as well as suggestions in that regard but, it behoves the law makers in Parliament to make a decision to that effect.

Without a shred of doubt, these statements on the call for the use of traditional lesser gods in replacement of the Holy Bible for the swearing of oath will be a vehement continues debate among Ghanaians as we continue to see corruption on the rise among lawmakers.

The writer is a staff of Faith TV, one of the channels of First Digital.


Article: Bernard ARYEE (FAITH TV) 

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